ONA Surveys was developed by Optimice, a leading network analysis consulting business. You can find out more about Optimice at www.optimice.com.au.


Through Optimice and our growing number of partners, you can gain access to the following services:







Through Optimice we offer an exciting training program aimed at helping you develop your skills for organizational network analysis.

The course provides a hands-on introduction to ONA with real-world applications and also covers how to create maps in Microsoft Excel using the NodeXL plugin.

Includes a 12-month subscription to ONA Surveys as well as a free copy of the book

Need some coaching assistance with your ONA Survey project?

We can assist with issues including project scoping, survey design interpretation of results.

ONA coaching packages available in 0.5-day, 1-day and 5-day packs.

Optimice provides end-to-end consulting on the application of network analysis to business issues. Examples of our work include:

  • Network succession planning
  • Project portfolio networks
  • Innovation networks
  • Partnership Scorecard

We typically work in partnership with our clients such that any follow-up work can be done internally if required.

Finished your ONA Survey? How helpful would it be to be able to display a dynamic network map of your results securely on the web?

Check out www.optimice.com.au for examples of Optimice’s online network visualization tool.


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