ONA Surveys Help Manual
ONA Surveys Help

1. Creating an Account

1.1. Registering with ONA Surveys

1.2. Using a Google Account

2. Setting up the Survey

3. Managing the Survey

4. Import data into visualization software

5. Managing your ONA Surveys Account Details

6. Privacy Statement


1. Creating an Account

1.1 Registering with ONA Surveys

You can register at ONA Surveys with any email address. By default emails sent by ONA Surveys on your behalf will use the email address you have registered with. See below on logging on with a Google account.

If you have purchased the 'Consultant' subscription you can change the sender name and email address for each survey.

Note: If you don't appear to have received the account activation email please check you email system's spam folder.

1.2. Using a Google Account

ONA Surveys also allows you to login with a Google account. If you already have a Google email address then you can be up and running in ONA Surveys very quickly. The first time you log on you go through a couple of validation steps to ensure that the login details are handled correctly. Please note that ONA Surveys does not know or store your Google password.

When you use a Google account you are able to create and store lists of respondents in Google Docs and make these available within ONA Surveys. If you are not signing in to ONA Surveys with a Google account you can still associate your ONA Surveys account with your Google account and take advantage of the Google Docs integration.

Even if you haven't registered with a Google account, but do have one, you can still link it with ONA Surveys to take advantage of the Googledocs integration. When you register, you can choose to link you ONA Surveys account to your Google account.

You can always click on the 'Account' page in ONA Surveys to see if you have linked your ONA Surveys Account with Google.

Note: If you have linked ONA Surveys and Google, and are logged into Google, then ONA Surveys will seamlessly open Googledocs when you edit a list stored there. If you are logged out of your Google account ONA Surveys will prompt you to log in to Google.

If you want to break the link between ONA Surveys and your Google account, just go to Google and log out. When you go back to ONA Surveys, and refresh the browser window, you can see on the Account page that the reference to your Google account has been removed.