ONA Surveys will close down 30th June 2022
Thanks for your support over the years.
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Welcome to Organizational Network Analysis Surveys at www.onasurveys.com

The Organizational Network Analysis Survey Tool is aimed at:

  • ONA Consultants and Practitioners who perform ONA consulting for a living.
  • ONA Academics as a part of research, or as a part of an academic course.
  • ONA Students using the tool as a part of a student project.

Organizational Network Analysis (also known as Social Network Analysis in the field of Social Sciences) is quickly being adopted by corporates and organizations in an effort to visualize people relationships.

However, manual processing of survey data, as well as the need to doublecheck data-entry, has made ONA survey projects timeconsuming. With www.onasurveys.com the processing time will be minimised and error free as the survey output is automatically prepared for instant use and visualisation.


www.onasurveys.com is an initiative by Optimice ACN: 123 562 854.

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